The children are our future. It is necessary to teach them healthy lifestyle habits now, so they are able to live long fulfilling lives and pass on healthy lifestyle habits onto future generations. It is always a goal for a generation to live longer than the previous one, but unfortunately that is not happening. Millennials are facing shorter life expectancies than generation xers and baby boomers due to obesity. Obesity in millennials has tripled in adults since the late 1970s. Kids no longer are interested in going outside and playing, instead staying inside to watch television, play video games, and/or be on social media. Another reason obesity is plaguing millennials is because less and less families have time to cook home cooked meals, instead eating out at fast food restaurants because they are the quicker option. fitVic will help families learn easy healthy home cooked meals, encourage children to do different fun physical activities, and help them understand why it is important to change lifestyle habits now before it is too late.

Vickers Elementary 5k Run

Saturday, April 29th 2017

Our 2nd annual 5k run, we started this tradition in hopes of bringing the students, their families, and the community together for a fun wellness event.

If you are interested in participating or help fund this event please contact us today.


VISD (Victoria Independent School Disctrict) - the highlights of VISD’s partnership with fitVic, VISD’s mission to educate its students on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and how VISD’s role will contribute to a fitter Vic